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Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

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new program, 8 step mohawk, camel spin, kids in group lessons

oops- I meant to update last week, and here it is this week and I have already done my lessons and forgot to update about last weeks lessons. So a quick overview:

The knees are still pretty troublesome, but I can skate okay for a short period with a liberal application of icy-hot. I am back to my teaching, group lesson, private lesson, synchro, and if I can fit it in a 30 minute practice. I haven't rejoined power class yet, but I was thinking about giving it a try this weekend.

Our rink is having a competition in April and I'm going to compete in 4 events. I am in ISI 3 and will do freestyle, interpretive, stroking, and compulsory. I learned my freestyle routine last night to "execution" from Pocahontas. It's pretty straightforward, and I just need to get more familiar with the music so I can put things right where I want it. I'm not going to do much to prepare for any of the other events... we'll see how it goes.

Synchro last week was a disaster for me. It was my first time doing the long program, and it is fast and difficult. I had a bit of a breakdown, but I think only 3 of the other girls noticed (and probably the coach, but she didn't say anything) and they were nice and supportive. One mohawk got changed to left-right, from right-left- and I feel badly about that because I'm the only skater on the team who likes that mohawk better (I can't do the other one at speed ever) BUT there was this weird fake push to be able to do it, so the change did benefit the team, but it's more or less my fault the change happened. Hopefully no one will hold a grudge and trip me :) The other big challenge of the routine is switching from forward chasses to backward chasses at the beginning- it's so fast and in the hard direction. Right now I'm turning the wrong way, just so I can do it fast enough to not get run over. Other than that, I just need to learn the footwork and skate fast enough to keep up. I'm looking forward to practice tonight, but am worried.

Group lesson last week wasn't too great- because we mostly jumped. I don't really like jumps. Actually, if I recall correctly, we did half flips the whole class. (That seems like a lot but I can't remember doing anything else). Gosh, I hope we didn't really do half flips the entire time. I know we didn't spin.

Last night the group lesson was a bit better. I asked ahead of time if we could work on spins a bit- and we did. First we did edges, and Karen and I were put on one line to do a few sets of back outside then work on back inside. Andy was on the other line working with the rest of the class on basic back edges. The we went to spins. This was where you could really tell the differences in the levels of the new freestyle kids and the ones who had been in it awhile. There were 2 girls who were only doing 2 foot spins (isn't a one foot spin in basic 6??) and two kids who had never done a wind up into the one foot spin. Then another who had never crossed his foot. Then there was me and the other adult with the idea, and occasional good scratch spin, then 2 kids who could drill holes in the ice with their spins. The class probably needs to be high/low freestyle, but right now isn't.

My scratch spin is getting better, but after two months off ice all the work I did last year disappeared. I'm not crossing my leg anymore and not centering. Big disappointment. After doing scratch spins for just a bit, I started doing the ISI 3 combo spin, and the one the instructor saw was actually good- which lead him to ask why I wasn't crossing my foot. For the combo spin I do more of a stork spin because it is NEVER good. So I tried a few crossed, and not so good. Throughout the night (private lesson and practice too) I did maybe 4 spins that had the entire 3-3-3, but mostly I do 3-2-2 or just flake entirely. Then the higher level skaters were set to do sit spins, which I can't do yet, so I worked on my camel. My leg is currently in the dog/fire hydrant position, but during my lesson with Burton he said it wasn't my leg as much as my body position to my spinning leg. Most of my camel attempts ended up with me on the ice. At least those falls don't hurt. I call it a camel/sit (down) combo ;)

After camels we worked on the 8 step mohawk from Juvenile moves. He split the circles with me, Karen, and one of the higher level girls on one, and then the rest of the kids on the other circle. I went first, so without meaning too ended up torturing Karen- because I was in "my" direction. Going my good way I can get this fairly fast- it's way better than the 5 step mohawk from bronze moves. But going the wrong way- oh my god, not good, way worse than 5 step. I miss doing moves though, and hope to get back to them soon after the competition in April.

Then in private lesson we set my program- my favorite part is the back outside spiral. If I can get on a shallower edge I can go for over half the rink, but I usually end up curving in too far and have to stop before I get headed the wrong way.

After the lesson I was the only one on the ice. My feet were killing me- my arches hurt on the left foot, and my right foot was being squeezed like it was in a vice, but I did a few more back spirals. I tried RBO to LBO, but my left spiral sucks. Guess I'm not ready for that yet either. I also tried RBO to RBI, but that just caused me to fall... Burton told me to NOT do either of those in my program, because I'd get a deduction for a higher level move, but they aren't good- so I wasn't planning on doing them anyhow!

As we were leaving the rink 4 kids ran, in shoes, from the door to the hockey boxes- including one who heelied across the ice. The rink needs to figure out a way to have some control over who gets on the ice- that's a lawsuit waiting to happen. I couldn't believe it.

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