Saturday, April 27, 2013


RPM went much better today.  I decided to not pay too much attention to my revolutions (because I can't come close to the numbers the instructor calls) but instead try to work the hardest I can in higher gears and pay attention to my watts.  Watts are what burns calories (though I don't even burn off 3 slices of bread in the class!

So today my RPM/Watt average was 73/95.  I worked a heck of a lot harder, and only a little slower than the last class.

I also got a much better bike with a seat that didn't slope.  I think that made a huge difference because I didn't feel like I was going to fall off the bike.  Kevin got a sloped seat and he did NOT like it.  He moved two bikes so hopefully if we get "our" spot, we'll get good bikes.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Skipping class.

I skipped ballet yesterday. I feel very guilty about this because ballet is pre-paid for.  But I don't enjoy it. The class is not what I was hoping for. So I kind of dread going. There are 3 more left, including one that is combined with kids classes. I don't want to go to those either, but I'm going to make myself.  It's paid for.

Anyhow- since I skipped ballet, I went to RPM (which is going to be my replacement once ballet is over). It went really well.  My physical therapist told me no standing on the bike, so I stayed seated during climbs, but my knee also didn't hurt nearly as badly as on Saturday (when it hurt during the climbs).  It hurt a teeny bit while on the bike, but I'm not sure if that was the bike set up, the class, or the fact that this was the end of the day and my knees always hurt.

 It was a really good class- I worked at higher gears than on Saturday (my first class ever). During the quick sprints, she wants us at 130 rpm, and I can only hit about 100- there just isn't enough time to make my legs get that fast, but at the sustained sprints, I hit 115, which I thought was decent.  At one point, I had my watts (which hover around 95-100) at a sustained 130 and hitting 150. That was a really good sprint (I love the sprints in the class, on a real bike, not so much).

Since I thought I was doing better to keep my RPMs and Watts high I was a little disappointed to see my averages after class were 75/78- but it is something to work to improve on (it also contains the super lows that we do in between sets, but still- the wattage especially should go up).

My only complaint- the bike that I was on, the seat was really tilted (that's not adjustable). I kept literally sliding off. Not feeling like I was tilted, but when we'd sit up, I'd slide.  That was super annoying.

I've also made the decision not to row seriously this year.  There is a punch card per row you can get and it is more expensive per row, but will allow me to just row Sunday (when Kevin can paddle). If I paid per month, I'd feel like I should go 2-3 times per week to make it 'worth it'. I really enjoy rowing, but with the gym already paid for, there are only so many days of the week to fit it all in!

Monday, April 22, 2013


My husband really loves to bike, so when we joined the gym I encouraged him to try some spinning classes (it was winter, so biking was off limits).  He resisted for awhile, telling me indoor bikes were too different from normal bikes, but finally he went.  Turns out he LOVES spinning (but not as much as outdoor bicycling) and goes multiple times a week.

Part of working out in the gym rather than skating is that I spend more time with him and less with elementary schoolers.  Of course, this doesn't work if we are always doing seperate classes, so I tried a spin class called RPM (rotation/revolution per minute).

The class was good- with RPM as the focus I expected more sprints and fewer climbs, but they were about even.  The climbing (high resistance, standing on the pedals) really hurt my knees, but when we were seated I did okay.

My "numbers" (RPMs and gear) are lower than what the instructor suggests for the class, but considering I really don't care for cycling, I think I did an okay job of keeping up with the class.  Kevin is a freaking rockstar and outdoes everyone in there (there are other men too)- the instructor seems to have a goal to beat Kevin in wattage. She would ask him what he was at, and he'd say like 420 or something and I'd have to try not to laugh because I'd be working my butt off and be at like 93.

So this is definetly something that I think I'm going to keep trying to do.  I will definetly need to get some bike shorts though.  My behind is SORE!!! 

(Also went to PT today and she told me not to stand when I climb...)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

It's been awhile.

So I had high hopes of a comeback, at least to Saturday skating. Sadly, I haven't been back to the rink in a long time. Without a lesson to get me there, 8:00 is really early on a Saturday! I've been going to the gym now, and go 4-5 times a week, plus ballet on Thursday.  I'm enjoying working out with my husband, skating was very solitary. (Though I do aerobics classes while he does spin on some days.)  I hurt my knee again, working out with a trainer.  It didn't hurt while I was doing things (I am assuming it was squats and running stairs) but it has been two weeks and I'm still waking up in pain from kicking the comforter on my bed, needless to say, I didn't even think about going skating this weekend.

Adult Nationals was this weekend.  For so long my goal was to pass the Bronze test and get there.  I am a little sad that I'm not there.  I decided not to go long before I stopped lessons- it was just way too much money between a flight, hotels, entry fees, etc.  Kevin and I could go on a vacation together for that amount (we really want to go on another cruise- but OMG airfare is insane! The cost of a 6 hour flight is more than an 8 day cruise!)  Reading about it on icenetwork was sad.  And seeing that Adam Rippon was wandering around there- that made me even sadder! 

Once the knee heals, I'm going to think about getting back on the ice.  However, with warm weather approaching, I think it is time to start rowing again.  So that might make even less time for ice!