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Sunday, July 13th, 2008

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I have a new dress :)
Well, it's the one that's been in my picture for a few weeks now, but it's totally finished. In the picture it has 4 skinny straps and they tie at the shoulders (so really 8 straps). I didn't like them. I ripped them off and sewed on 2 thick staps, with elastic, that criss cross in the back. They are lovely, and the dress is too. I might wear it to synchro on Wednesday, because I won't be at the rink on Saturday.

Saturday lesson with Courtney was good. My club moved the test to the end of september, instead of the end of August, so that bought me a bit more time. Courtney really wants me to focus on the 5-step mohawk, so I end with a really strong pattern. I got to do it with a beanie baby on my head. Hah. She pointed out all the things I say to the kids "keep looking up, the ice is going to stay there", "bend your knees", "we all fall, and it's okay, most falls don't hurt"- that I don't believe at all. Yep- I'm well aware I'm a certified liar when I teach. Falls HURT. The ice might melt if I stop looking. Locked knees are the best posture...

The new entrances for the backward crossover patterns are going to be great. I can actually start with a little bit of speed, instead of none. On the backward crossover patterns I REALLY need to look up, more than usual. On the forward crossover pattern, I need to not think about how fast I'm going. So I say my ABCs in my head. If I think about it, I'm too scared to pick my foot up at the end. I actually do that one with a lot of speed and power. Enough that I got complimented on speed. That never happens.

"Group" Lesson with Jessie was good. We started out by showing her stars, and I want to get mine on tape, because I think I have the idea, but can't really tell what my free leg is doing. I have no proprioception. I also asked her and Courtenay to look at my layback, to confirm that my leg was wrong. It was. Once again, no proprioception so I can't tell if my knee is out or down. It's down. Jessie also told me I'm looking towards my leg (trying to see it's position) and I am leaning sideways because of that. So I really need to think about holding the knee up as I turn out the leg, and looking right, NOT left.

Oh, and Courtenay, Jessie and I did the star in a circle that we do for synchro and I did it just fine 3 times. So why the heck did I have so much trouble with the team?

And- if you want to see our synchro nationals programs, they are on skating circle. They were there taping, and I guess they put all the programs up.

Latin: (Can you pick me out? I'm the short one with a dance length skirt instead of a freestyle length skirt. That's what happens when you join the team a year late for the costume, AND are exceptionally short.)

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