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Sunday, May 18th, 2008

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Which blade should I get?

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Ultima Protege
5 (55.6%)

Ultima Lite
4 (44.4%)

Okay, my blades are shot. I really can't skate on them much longer, so I need to order blades soon. I was hoping to do that Tuesday.
After going over the best options (the plan is under $200). I've decided to stick with Ultima, because he rink offers a substantial discount. I considered the coronation ace- but the 7' rocker would be a change for me, and a coach said if I skate on my toes a lot, it would be a bad idea to get the 7' over the 8', it would just make it worse. I thought about the Paramounts, but I don't think the low level blade offers the benefits, and I'm certainly not paying for a higher level one. I was pretty happy on my super low level Ultima Mirage, so I just need to step it up a bit. To be realistic, I'm a FS3 skater who doesn't even have a flip. My blades don't need to be incredible.

I'm incredibly neurotic when I buy expensive things- please don't make me making this decision alone!

Anyhow- my two finalists (you can vote other, buy have a good reason- I'm going crazy trying to decide.)
The Ultima Protege- this is a step up from the Mirage and a good blade for my level. It is $110 (at the rink). The toe pick is straight cut (like the Mirage, but different from my current blade) and doesn't have one of the low picks that sticks out- not sure if that makes a difference for me or not.

The Ultima Lite- okay, honestly I want this blade because it's really cool looking. Stupid reason for a blade, I know. It would cost me $170 (rink price). It's higher than I need for FS3 but well below the Gold Seals I'm on now. I don't think it's "too much blade". It has cross cut toe picks, like I have now. It also has one of those low toe picks, and I don't know if that's the reason I'm scratching. (I'll try asking again on Tuesday, but the instructor who deals with this all was NO help.) I don't think the light weight really makes that much of a difference- it's probably only a few ounces, right?, but I guess it has the potential for higher spirals and maybe higher jumps? Downside- different than the other girls on synchro team, but I think that shouldn't matter. It's not like they are purple.

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