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Friday, October 3rd, 2008

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Well, I decided what to get myself as a "yay you passed your test" gift. I didn't go with either dress- I bought padded shorts. I think so much of my jump problem is just that I'm scared of falling. Hopefully this will take a bit of the worry away. And man are those things expensive... and I absolutely refuse to believe it will cost rainbo sports $11 to ship them to me. Oh well, if it helps, it's worth it- right?

Had a freestyle lesson last night. My coach wasn't feeling well, so she coached from the boards. My jumps are just pitiful. We worked on waltz jump, toe loop, salchow, and loop. I don't think I have anything good to say about any of them.

Then we did some camel spins, and those went mostly well. I eeked out between 3-5 revolutions most of the time. She had me try camel-back camel, and I could never quite get the back camel position right, so that half only had like 1 revolution, but I never completely flopped over either. I really want to be able to get this spin. I just want to spin. Jumping is stupid.

Afterwards I talked to Ryne and he was complimentary about my camel- he said he was impressed I was able to keep spinning after I lost the position, and then regain it. I guess most people just fall? Then he said something about how he noticed I was working on my loop. Well that's a positive- at least the jumps I'm trying to do are recognizable as the jumps I'm trying to do. He could have said "and what the heck was that weird hop you were doing".

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