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Saturday, August 2nd, 2008

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The joys of skating CW
So doing waltz jumps today my coach asked me, "Why do you feel like you need to stop your backwards moves with a back snowplow stop (rather than step forward and do a t-stop)? You are perfectly comfortable with that step from backward to forward on this jump"

My response "I go a heck of a lot faster on my moves". So she had me do the step into the waltz jump WAY faster (then I was too scared to jump) but she pointed out that still, I could step forward effortlessly.

Then I realized something, laughed, and said "but on my moves, I exit on the other foot!"

(However, she said a clean back snowplow without toe pick noise is fine.)

More on the fantastic lesson I had today (not fantastic in skated well, but fantastic in I got a lot out of it) later, if I remember.

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