Saturday, June 18, 2011

August 7, 2007

YAY for stronger drugs
After 4 days of pain killers doing nothing, I called the doctor and begged for a muscle relaxant. Today felt like a normal day after a bad fall skating. (meaning it still hurt- but not unbearably)

I was going to tough it out and take my lesson- since I test in 2 weeks- but the new drug (cyclobenzaprine) makes me really dizzy, so it would be unsafe to try to skate. I feel so badly because this week is LTS test week and I have a student I need to test, so the skate director will have to take my place, which is an inconvience for her. That also means the large snowplow class won't have a helper- but drugs or not, I can't pick kids up right now, it would hurt too much.

My coach was okay with me canceling and even asked me if I wanted to postpone the test (which would probably be sensible?) but I said I'm definetly still doing it. It's 12 days away, and I'm bound to be feeling fine by then. I am so bored of PB moves that I don't want to have to wait for another test session to do them! There is only one I'm worried about, and the rest I should pass without a problem. So as long as I get one or two practices before the test, I should be okay.

Back to resting!

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