Sunday, June 19, 2011


Okay- lesson/practice report tomorrow. But this couldn't wait.

I SO wish I had a camera at the rink today. The ice was beautiful and smooth- perfect to see tracings in. And there is on tracing I wish I could have taken a picture of. So imagine it in your head. (Gliding on my right foot starting forward- turning over the right shoulder, then gliding backward for just a second, almost instantly turning over the left shoulder- so whatever edge name variation that is.)


yes! REALLY! FIVE brackets in a row. A perfect, beautiful line on the ice. I have no idea what my body position was, my free leg was probably a mess, but the tracings do not lie- I did consecutive brackets! I've only ever been able to do one before, never getting the backward one back to forward.

EEEEEEEEEE!! Brackets! I can do brackets!*

*right side that way only. I assume like everything else they go both ways. The left foot still has an inconsistent one- usually I fall half way.

** I did 3 in a row the first time I manged more than one, I worked my way up to five. I nearly cracked my head open four times. But it was totally worth it for FIVE brackets.

*** Burton saw me do them, then some of the synchro team saw me do four of them. I'm not making this up!

I need to add these to the practice schedule. This is only like the fourth time I've ever tried them. I could probably get good at these if I keep practicing.

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