Sunday, June 19, 2011


Hey passed Freestyle 1 today! Oh wait, I'm in Freestyle 4 classes... LOL. He tested us all at Freestyle 1 because that's what the youngest girl is in. I wasn't ready to test freestyle 4 so it doesn't matter anyway.

When he had us do our back outside 3 turns he had us do what I guess is apreliminary move pattern- back outside edge lobe with 3 turn at top, to forward inside edge lobe with 3 turn at top, repeat till end of rink, and then come back on other foot. That was a really fun pattern to do and something to add to my practice list.

I also had some excellent scratch spins today with my foot nicely crossed. That is something I mastered this session- so YAY ME!

Sit spins stink. Andy then had us show him our shoot the ducks, which Karen and I both laughed at, and told him we'd never really done them. He was really suprised, so we worked on them a bit before returning to sit spins. I think Andy was working under the delusion that I have some sort of muscle in my upper leg- because he kept telling me to engage the muscle to get a deeper sit. HAHAHAH. But I did figure out how to keep off my toepick, so the lousy sit I have I can hold longer. They are improving though.

Worked on backspins. Actually was able to get centered on quite a few, but not in any sort of position (unless ugly stork is a position).

No skating after lessons, as we were stuck in the locker rooms for 45 minutes due to tornados in the area.

I really hope Andy teaches freestyle next session. He has been so awesome.

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