Saturday, April 23, 2011

September 19, 2006

7:06p OH MY GOSH, no time
So a real quick update.

Outside edges are gone- will need to get skates sharpened, which is annoying, because they just got sharpned, I guess Sergei didn't do a good job? That's bad because he's the recommended guy at the rink.

I can do a backspin. Sue called it gorgeous. She must have been lying- because I have a feeling it looked like crap. But I got six good revolutions on my two footed spins and 2 revolutions on my backspin. I cannot spin regularly (what's a not backspin called?) at all. My weigh just doesn't sit right. And I am definetly a CW spinner.

My left bunny hop wasn't as disaterous as I thought it would be, my right one is actually somewhat good.

gotta go work.

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