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July 6, 2006

July 3 lesson recap
Not sure if I ever wrote a report of the last lesson I had at Troy.
Well first, we earned the patches for Adult 2 (earned them the first lesson) and they actually gave us the patch! I feel like such a dork but I wish I had gotten them from Kettering instead of the certificate. I wonder if there is anyway to just get the patches I’ve passed (I’ve officially passed Basic 3 and 4. I’ve unofficially –in a private lesson real quick- passed Basic 1 and 2, and kind of Adult 1 also). But the patch is really pretty... I wonder if I’ll get ISI patches. I still need to figure out which level I will be, I have a huge mix of skills for what they teach.

So anyhow- lesson. We started off getting on the ice 15 minutes early because they didn’t cut new ice. That gave me time to practice stroking around the rink, do 3 turns, a couple mohawks, some spirals. It was all great fun. The best part is that I wore a skating skirt. Skating in a tiny little skirt, beige tights and white skates really makes you feel like a skater. It was amazing. I probably looked stupid but I am sold on skating skirts.

Anyhow our coach was 10 minutes late so by the time he got in we had been skating for 25 minutes. Then he asked us to start a quick warm up. What have we been doing for the past 25 minutes? Anyhow the warm up was straight skating with crossovers on the corners for the half rink. I decided to actually do proper stroking and it’s amazing the kind of speed you get. A few other people did that too, but it amazed me that the majority of the class just kind of skated around. We are in lessons, and it’s been covered that this is the “right” way to skate forward- why would you continue to push off your toepicks like a public session skater? Anyhow while we were skating the instructor came up to me and went “oooh she’s in a skating skirt” which really annoyed me. He was a great coach, but didn’t strike me as a very nice person. I was probably just being too touchy because I couldn’t seem to do anything good enough to get a compliment the entire session.

So then we worked on all the things we had done before, waltz jumps, stroking, backwards snowplows, pivots, two foot spins. Everything is getting stronger- nothing is good yet. We also learned t-stops which was different than I expected. I thought you set your foot down and stopped- no skid. I had so so so much trouble being on my outside edge. I only even tried the right side and eventually did it once or twice.

Then we moved on to mohawks. My left to right is consistent and occasionally actually pretty. My right to left is just not good. That was actually the first thing I was complimented on the whole session, which is crazy because it’s BAD. I place my foot behind me and worst of all, if I’m not doing it from a standstill I get confused which way I’m supposed to be going. We did these for about 15 minutes, and I alternated them with FO3s because that many mohawks in a row when they are either working well, or just not working gets old. But I was successful on my bad side a few times.

I talked to one of the instructors about arranging a private lesson to go over the ISI skills in Beta that I don’t know so I can start in Gamma, but summer ice is expensive so it would be way too much plus the time off work and the drive. I don’t have my new skates yet, so I decided it wasn’t going to be worth it. I called Rainbo and the skates got there last Thursday, but they still hadn’t processed the exchange yesterday. If they haven’t been shipped by tomorrow evening I’m going to call and ask them to hold them until I move. I cannot believe I am moving in less than a week- or that I have the good fortune of being walking distance to a rink.

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