Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April 12, 2006

Skating Lesson 2
Well, after being told to stay off my ankle for 6 weeks (more about that later) I quite responsibly went to skating tonight. The lesson was exactly like last weeks, so I'll spare you the extremely long recap.

My 3 turns stink. I did one where I managed to not put my foot down, but it was a bad one. I can see them getting stronger though because my backwards glides are getting stronger. I just always set my foot down during the turn.

I understand the concept of backwards stroking now. Thats an approvement over last week. Still don't get the backwards snowplow stop.

I can do a 2 footed spin now. We did them without using a toepick pivot and it works great. That pivot threw me off.

My forward inside edges on a circle rock. I can glide almost the entire circle. My outside edges on a circle are improving.

My right crossovers are getting much better. I am still missing the crossover part on the left side. I more cross in front of.

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