Wednesday, April 20, 2011

July 27. 2006

OH MY GOD the pain and lack of pain...
People often complain and say that pointe shoes are the most painful shoes to break in. Those people are wrong. They have clearly never ice skated.

I can wear the skates at home for about 15 minutes before my feet go numb. I went skating today (on dull factory edges, I could barely do forward stroking... need to fix that) at first I could only make it 4 minutes before I couldn't feel my feet, and not only needed relacing, but had to take the skates off. By the end of the 1 hour period I skated in, I was up to 8 minutes at a time. My feet are bright red. What's nice is they only hurt for a few seconds, right at the "were about to go numb" stage, and then I just loose feeling in my feet.

Either way, these are going to be hell to break in.

I would think they are just too small, but my toes are barely touching the front, and when I skate they go closer to the front and my heel slips just barely. Any bigger and my heel would be able to lift up. I need to get a split width toe/heel, which is too expensive at this stage in the game. So my poor wide toes/metatarsal are just going to have to suffer.

I really hope this is normal. Maybe if I run the toe box over with a car, like some girls do with pointe shoes, it will soften up. (Just kidding.)

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