Saturday, April 23, 2011

October 24, 2006

7:07p A way better lesson than Saturday
Tonight's lesson was with Lisa and she was wonderful.

We started with pivots and I can do forward inside pivots on both sides. I got my 1.5 revolutions easily. We started doing CCW, and I was switching between the sides -because I like to try everything both ways- and Lisa asked me if I was left handed because it was better on that side. Nope, my CW turning is just ruining my ability to synchro skate. I can do 2 good pivots counterclockwise and 3 clockwise on one push. Just goofing off I did some back ones. Going counterclockwise is bust, but going clockwise I can do 3 with one push.

Then we practiced out landing positions. I need to look up. My leg doesn't like to stay up, but the edge is good. Then we did a mohawk out of the landing position into a waltz jump. No ones jump is great yet, but mine is more a waltz -that was a jump?- although both blades do leave the ice. :) And I land on the right edge.

We also did ballet jumps. We started just by bending and then rising onto the toe pick. Not bad. Then we tried jumping. BAD. Then we tried jumping, stepping and gliding- not bad. I think I got one okay beginner ballet jump in there.

Lisa was really great.

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