Wednesday, April 20, 2011

August 6, 2006

skates are still too tight
You'd think living 2 minutes from a rink I could skate more, but alas I have not skated once since the tight skate experience.

I WILL skate on Tuesday. But once again on dull blades because I haven't been able to take them to get sharpened yet. Urgh. Dull blades suck. I can't even stop.

I will also bring my old skates so when I can no longer stand the pain I can do some real skating.

I heat molded with my heat gun tonight, but I don't think it did too much. The fit is actually really good except the width in the metatarsal. We tried stuffing Kevin's shoe holder thingies in, but they were too big, so we couldn't use them to stretch because they wouldn't go in at all.

Lessons start on the 22nd. I am very upset that we decided I can't afford to do synchro this year. Next year, I hope- but in the meantime I can just get better at skating.

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