Saturday, April 23, 2011

October 1, 2006

1:34p another quick skate
Well I meant to skate for an hour today. I finished up the copy-edit assignment and have moved on to another one, so I still have no free time, but kevin needed the computer to write a paper so I was going to skate during that time. After 30 minutes a bus load of kids in hockey skates (an actual busload) most of whom had no control of themselves on the ice (or really, off the ice) invaded the rink. So off I went. I don't mind the skating time being cut short, because really I had to go home and clean, but because there were about 20 people still in line at the world's slowest register I wasn't able to leave my skates to be sharpened.

Anyhow the 30 minutes was pretty good. I pretty much ran through everything I can do. My 3 turns pretty much suck, I always drop my foot. But they are improving from when I got the new skates (not at old skate level yet, but I didn't have inside ones at all yet then). I worked a lot on entering a one footed spin from backwards crossovers and exiting with a backward outside edge. That went really well, but the spin didn't. I also praticed the entrance/exit using a 2 footed spin. My two footed spins are slowly becoming awesome for a beginner. I'm quite excited.

I worked a lot on forward and backward crossovers. I still need to work on stroking. My lunges look like lunges and my bunny hops like bunny hops :)

I think that at the end of this session I will probably be placed in Basic 7. I really want to look into a once a month private lesson because while I have been introduced to all the Basic 5 and 6 skills I'm not sure I am happy with the level of mastery, though a lax coach would probably pass me. I don't really want to be in a lower level becaues I think the higher up I go the less likely the kids will be goofing off, because they might actually care, but I also think it's important no to skip the basics.

Gotta go work.

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