Wednesday, April 20, 2011

August 15, 2006

I hate my new skates
No, it's not because they hurt. They aren't too bad anymore. I skated for 75 minutes and relaced twice.

I hate my skates because I cannot do anything. Nothing. You'd think I'd never taken a lesson before. I am horrible. Forward stroking- gone. 3-turns-gone. Forward crossovers- not on the right edges. Backwards stroking- gone. Backwards swizzles- can't get the edge. Outside edges- barely a full length of my height. Inside edges- a little bit longer.

I can't stop. I blame the new sharpening on that. Everything else I blame on my skates.

The only positive. I can "feel" where it is I am supposed to be turning on. But I can't turn.

I signed up for Delta lessons. I think they start next week. I think instead I need to be starting in pre alpha.

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