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November 14, 2006

Tuesday, November 14th, 2006

Time Event
8:05p Ice Skating- with clothes on.
(I skate with my clothes on. But if it interests you google "japanese ice skating nude" and you can find a lovely video. Topic of discussion on skatingforums today)

Today in group lessons we only did 3 things. Ballet jumps, mohawks and one foot spins.

Ballet jumps went fine. Mine don't go high, my free leg doesn't do much- but it is straight and I am technically jumping up.

My right to left mohawks are pathetic and nonexistant. My left to right are okay at slow speeds. We started working on the Basic 8 mohawk combination and its on my good side, and bad on my bad side. The problem is with 2 crossovers I'm already going a lot faster than my standard from stopping mohawk. Lisa suggested I do it from one crossover just so I don't have as much speed.

Then we did one footed spins. First from a 2 footed spin, then from a hockey glide. Overall they weren't good, but the best I've ever done. I got 4 revolutions on one and at least 2 on most! Afterwards I asked Lisa if I could hug her, like an excited 10 year old. It has never clicked before. This is the second thing she has done for me that has manged to get me over a block.

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