Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April 20, 2006

Skating Lesson 3
Skating lesson was great. I really feel like I am improving- although in little things like actually using my edges for forward crossovers. Not huge things like suddenly being able to do a lutz. I bet my improvement would be greater if I was practicing. But with the ankle being bad (and a tendonitis flare up to make it worse) and doctors orders to stay off it, I just can’t justify more than half hour a week.

We did our Midterm test today, which had us run through each skill in the Basic 3 curriculum, a few of the Basic 4 things, and then she had me and another guy do some of the harder Basic 4 stuff.

My big moment today was actually doing a 3 turn. Just one, out of like 20 tried, on my right foot… so still tons of work needed, but I believe they can happen now J I can also do a glide on my inside right edge and my outside left edge for more than a full circle. The other two edges I can do almost a complete circle.

So since we did a midterm let me go over how each skill went.

Forward stroking- this is fine. I still feel stupid with my arms in front of me instead of my side, and I’m conscious about pointing my toe/turning out my foot.

Forward ½ swizzle pumps on a circle- no problems here.

Forward to backward two footed turn on a circle I am starting to be able to do CW at a reasonable speed (well considering I was doing it at a snails pace). The CCW is still at a snails pace but I keep moving after turning, which is an improvement.

Backward 1 foot glides- on my right foot they can go on for quite awhile (at least half the width of the rink if I keep my posture). On my left they are twice my height, but sometimes curve before that. I need to stay off my edge.

Forward slalom- no problems here.

2-foot spin- CW I did 5 revolutions and they were good. CCW I can do 2 bad ones. I put too much weight on the back of my blades, which is kind of weird since a ballet turn all the weight is on the front of the blade. I must be over compensating. I really wanted to be able to be a spinner (because I won’t ever be a jumper) so my slow progress with these is kind of making me sad.

FO/ FI (R&L) edge of circle- my edges are great for the level, assuming everyone else in the class should be at this level. 2 of them (both moving CW) I can hold for pretty much as long as you wanted me too and I had forward momentum, the other two are steadily improving, but already the best in the class. I think some of the skaters in my class would hold edges much better if their blades had any! My skates aren’t good but the fact that I had them sharpened makes them much better than the rentals. I just need to hold my posture and then it will look great.

Forward crossovers are getting pretty good on my right side. The cross is better, and I am actually on the correct edges. On my left side, not so good- but getting better. I still have to shallow of a cross and I don’t hold the edges well.

Back ½ swizzle pumps on a circle are good. Stronger on the right than the left. I wonder if I am sticking my butt out as much as I feel like I am. She told me and one other guy we could start working on cross cuts but I couldn’t figure out if at the end of the swizzle movement she was moving the front foot in or the back foot. And she only showed it once since it was an enrichment move and she went on to help someone else.

Backwards stroking is getting better but still kind of eh. I feel stupid, but am actually moving now. The snowplow stop is non existent and might be what keeps me from passing the level.

My FO 3-turns are improving. I did one or two on my right foot, and was able to almost do it quite a few other times. I haven’t done one on my left yet, but I can feel it coming. She told me I need to think less forward and have my body turned before I actually turn- so to think backwards.

Overall I can’t wait for next week and I love skating. I’m so glad to be doing it again.

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