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Monday, March 23rd, 2009

Ice Show
Here are two pictures from the ice show. Under the Sea looked incredible on ice. The other is me ice dancing with Andy (my Tuesday LTS coach)- notice my lovely pink blades. My coach, Courtney, who was an ice dancer looked at that picture and busted out laughing. Andy was a pairs skater, not a dancer, and apparently our posture/positioning is totally off.

Under the Sea
Under the Sea

Dutch Waltz
Dutch Waltz


Club ice show comments:
The board posted their ice show wrap up, which included survey results post show (oops forgot to fill that one out.) This particular comment cracked me up, so I thought I would share.

The club spend $2,000 on an appearance fee for guest skaters (plus airfare and hotel) , Amanda Evora and Mark Ladwig, who skated 2 full solo numbers, and appeared in the finale (and did a 1 handed detroiter!) They also came to the cast party to hang out, and did some death spiral lessons with the resident pairs.

The comment (question was "What did you like about the show):

"transitions were good, well run, pace of show was good, sound was wonderful, too much money spent on guest skaters. Guest skater needs to be a draw to put people in seats or don't spend thousands. Kurt Browning or similar qualifies; will draw from other skate clubs in Iowa"

Yeah- if relative unknowns command that kind of money, did this person give any thought to what Kurt Browning might require?

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