Sunday, June 10, 2012

Goals: aka what comes next

After going over my test results Carson said he would like for our next lesson to be a meeting.  He wants to set goals and go over what we will do in the future.  While I think most coaches do this, I think he is also a bit at a loss of what to do with me.  Usually when you pass a test you work on the next one.  People who are done testing are either a) graduating high school or b) internationally competitive.  I'm done testing and not quite at the preliminary level! 

So here is what I am going to email him to talk about.

SpinsI would like to be an amazing spinner.   It is really the only part of skating I really care to be great at.  I know I have a long way to go, but here are my thoughts on what I want to work on:
-Camel Spin
-Sit spin variations.  (As well as continuing to work on my regular sit spin)
-Combo spins/change feet spins (really determining what two fantastic spins are for use in a program)
-Attitude spin (I don't think I'm ever going to get a layback, but who knows.)
-Eventually flying spins (Courtney had me working on a flying sit spin.  It was a pretty poor attempt, but unlike anything else, I'd actually jump on the entry.)
-Getting really strong scratch spins

-Although I will continue to practice it when I run through all my jumps, I'd rather not focus on loop.  In fact, I'd be content in skating even if I never do another one.  I know you aren't going to let me do that though.
-Flip.  But like loop, I'm kind of 'eh' about this.
-I would like to focus on making my waltz jump, toe loop, and salchow into "real" jumps.  Ones that visibly leave the ice and cover distance.
-Jump combos/sequences

-Now that I don't have to drill loop for 20 minutes every lesson I would really like to spend some time working on footwork.  My CCW turns are abyssmal for my level.  I also haven't done a bracket, counter, or rocker in the year and a half I've been back skating since I hurt my hip.
-Although I don't want to focus on the test right now, I wouldn't mind working on some of the Silver MITF, if they ever change the spirals, then I'd like to work on the test.

-As much as my test anxiety would make you think otherwise, I actually do like testing- it gives me something to work on.  I got fairly good at the Canasta Tango and Dutch Waltz with Courtney, but the step behinds in the Rhythm Blues tried to kill me, so I never thought about testing dance.  Although I don't remember the Canasta steps anymore, so I'd have to start from scratch- this could be a good way to get me to work on my edges, and give me a more solid goal.

Competition/Exhibition program
-I would like to compete at Adult Nationals, and while I have no expectations of placing well, I'd like a program designed for me to maximize the allowed elements and do the best program I can.  I think that is pretty in line with the goals above (more advanced spins, jump combos/sequences, stronger footwork).  Due to cost, I probably won't compete much locally, but I'd like to have a 'go to' program for when HSC has an exhibition.  Since I can't do the advanced things now, I can keep Geisha as a shell (and change the jumps out for ones that fit the Bronze rules) and do a new program when I can actually do the things I need to be able to do, or we can start over now.

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Babbette said...

I have a Goal Card I gave to my edge coach. It had four sections:
Weak Skills--skills that aren't solid, stuff I can only do badly
Improvement skills--skills that I'm competent at, but I feel need polishing
No Skills--things I need to do for a dance that are in the near future
Goal Skills--stuff I'll need in Silver or Gold dance--years from now
I think boxing them into these categories helps me focus.
I also count skills such as checking as important, so it's not all about elements.