Friday, February 8, 2013

Less Enthusiastic

Class Number 3.

Hmmm- I feel like with each class, my enthusiasm is slipping. They
are fun classes- the adults joke with each other, we dance a bit, it
is a nice little outlet; but the thing is, I don't feel like I'm going
to get any better at ballet taking these classes. We do the same
thing each class (our barre, petit allegro, and grande allegro were
all the same as last week. We didn't do adagio and instead did
crunches), so far, no steps have been taught- just combinations where
it is assumed (correctly) that we know the steps.

With skating- I was learning something new and getting better at it.
With this, yeah, it is fun to dance- but there is so much dead time
each class. And I'm not learning something new.

I have 13 more classes (well kind of, she says there isn't one the
week of finals, but it is on the schedule, so it seems to me it should
be up to the dance department to find a sub, and not me to go to a
'make up' class!) and then I'm not sure. I'd love to work my way back
to pointe, but these classes won't take me there. Maybe after a 6
month break I'll be ready to go back to skating, of course, when there
is no longer a coach available to me!!! (Maybe I should have stuck it
out to take those tests...)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jessim! I'm interested in reading more about your transition to ballet, because I'm entertaining the idea of taking a few adult classes to help the skating. I signed up for a ballet exercise class recently and I'm disappointed too. It's more like pilates and I have DVDs for that. The regular ballet class didn't fit my schedule but I'm going to have to make time for it next time because the ballet exercise isn't really what I wanted.