Saturday, May 4, 2013


Today the RPM instructor had a sub who just does 'Spin' (meaning a freestyle class, not a structured program).  It was definitely a different experience.  One thing I've really taken for granted is how much the music in RPM is carefully chosen to enhance the ride.  RPM the sprints top out at the speed of the music, so to get 135 RPMs, you count the music and really try to fight to get to it (or in Kevin's case, ride with the music).  In this class, we sprinted only at 110 (woo! I can actually do that...) but the music playing was often much slower than the sprint, which made it hard to sustain, because you had to watch the number and fight the instinct to drop to the beats you were counting.  Music was just background noise.

My numbers were 83/84 rpm/watts, so interestingly I went faster in this class than RPM (though I did much easier climbs since my knees hurt, and I think that helped with speed) but worked way lower than my last class.  I really want to try to get some higher watts.

I got my bike shorts in.  Bike shorts are not good for the ego. Mine are an XL. I will be so happy the day that I grow out of them and have to buy a new pair! (I think L would have been fine, but the size chart made me worry.)  They definitely helped though. My butt wasn't sore until about 20 minutes in, and then only on the left side.

Still need to figure out how to adjust my bike 'just right'. My right shoulder hurts quite bad during class, and that doesn't make sense.

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MommyTime said...

If your left hip and right shoulder hurt, it's probably connected. You're leaning to the right, maybe, to relieve the pressure on your left hip, and that puts more weight on your right shoulder/arm than on the left, which adds strain there. (I had a similar hip/shoulder problem when I was pregnant.) Try to focus on squaring up your hips when you ride, and that might help the shoulders. Good luck!